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Machining: is in the production process of parts, directly with the tool on the blank to cut off the excess metal layer thickness, so that it or the drawing requirements of dimensional accuracy, shape and position of mutual accuracy, surface quality and other technical requirements of the processing process.

Common machining methods:

Welding welding: Also known as fusion welding, welding is a manufacturing process and technology of joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by means of heating, high temperature or high pressure.

Welding classification:

Powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy: metal or metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as raw materials, after forming and sintering, manufacturing metal materials, composite materials and various types of products technology.

Basic process:

Metal injection molding

MIM: Short for Metal injection Molding. The forming method is to inject the plasticizing mixture of metal powder and binder into the model. It is the first selected powder and binder for mixing, and then the mixture of granulation and injection molding required shape.

The MIM process is divided into four unique processing steps (mixing, molding, degreasing and sintering) to achieve the production of parts, depending on the characteristics of the product whether surface treatment is required.

Metal semi solid forming

Semi-solid forming: use the unique rheological and agitator properties of non-dendrite semi-solid metals (SSM) to control the quality of castings.

Semisolid forming can be divided into rheological forming and thixotropic forming.



3D Printing

3D printing: is a rapid prototyping technology, which is based on digital model files and uses powdery metal or plastic and other adhesive materials to construct objects by printing them layer by layer.

Comparison of 3D printing technology: