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Plastic forming: is the use of material plasticity, tools and mold under the action of external force processing parts less cutting or no cutting process method. There are many kinds of it, including forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing, stamping and so on.

(1) Forging

Forging: it is a processing method that makes use of forging machinery to exert pressure on metal billet to produce plastic deformation in order to obtain forging parts with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size.

According to the forming mechanism, forging can be divided into free forging, die forging, grinding ring and special forging.

Free forging: generally in hammer forging or hydraulic press, the use of simple tools to hammer metal ingots or blocks into the desired shape and size of the processing method.

Die forging: is in die forging hammer or hot die forging press using a die to form.

Grinding ring: refers to the production of ring parts of different diameters through special equipment grinding ring machine, also used to produce car wheel hub, train wheels and other wheel parts.

Special forging: including roll forging, cross wedge rolling, radial forging, liquid die forging and other forging methods, these methods are more suitable for the production of some special shape parts.

Process flow: forging billet heating → roll forging preparation → die forging forming → trimming → punching → rectification → intermediate inspection → forging heat treatment → cleaning → rectification → inspection


Longitudinal rolling: A process in which metal is passed between two rolls of opposite rotation and plastic deformation occurs between them.

Horizontal rolling: rolling parts after deformation in the direction of the roll axis consistent.

Cross rolling: the rolling piece moves in a spiral and the rolling piece is not at a special Angle to the roll axis.

(3) extrusion

Extrusion: blank in three ways under the action of uneven compressive stress, extrusion from the hole or gap of the mold to reduce the cross-sectional area and increase the length, become the processing method of required products called extrusion, the processing of the blank called extrusion molding.

Process flow: pre-extrusion preparation → casting rod heating → extrusion → stretching twist straightening → sawing (sizing) → sampling inspection → manual aging → packing into storage


Drawing: a plastic processing method in which the metal blank is pulled out from the die hole smaller than the blank section by acting on the front end of the metal to obtain the corresponding shape and size of the product.

(5) stamping

Stamping: is to rely on the press and die on the plate, strip, pipe and profile exerted external force, so that it produces plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece (stamping) forming processing method.