Space aluminum is aluminum magnesium alloy that has been specially treated by high temperature oxidation and can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature and strong impact force. It is an aluminum product with high strength and corrosion resistance and has the characteristics of lightweight and durable. It is called “space aluminum” because it has just been widely used in the manufacturing of aviation equipment and other high-tech fields.


Space aluminum material is a kind of environmental protection, do not fade, cost-effective metal, in nearly a decade in series are widely used in home decoration products, special space aluminum accessories become the new trend in modern home hutch defends pendant, has not rust, do not fade, the advantages of environmental protection, durable, and so on, is one of the fine decoration, environmental protection than the average copper sanitary ware, Oxidation resistance is better than stainless steel, while maintaining a bright appearance, but also durable, affordable, become consumers love products. Suitable for a variety of home decoration style, so that you can also feel a space aluminum pendant to bring you fashion enjoyment. Stylish and durable, and known as “never rust,” high-quality material products can certainly guarantee at least ten to fifteen years of rust.


The surface of space aluminum bathroom hardware pendant is matt, sub light, and many other colors, black, yellow, pink, can be used in the oxidation tank to complete the color of the potion. Although fashionable, but the nobility that does not have electroplating chrome is beautiful. And the quality of space aluminum is lighter, a lot of friends like texture bathroom hardware pendant may not like space aluminum bathroom hardware pendant, in addition, space aluminum quality is lighter, more brittle, the surface is easy to produce scratches, and can not hang too heavy things.

Scope of application after special treatment, can withstand several thousand degrees of high temperature or strong impact, with good performance, together with titanium alloy is widely used in aviation equipment manufacturing and other high-tech fields. The daily hardware products are made of space aluminum, which is easy to process, light in weight, strong in strength, and does not rust.