Aluminum profile extrusion is the aluminum alloy in extrusion cylinder and a certain amount of pressure, make the issue from the specific die, so as to achieve the desired cross section shape and size of a processing method and the extrusion processing method of low cost, high efficiency and simple operating, in the modern industrial production system occupies a considerable proportion of, make the aluminum base materials become important in the national economy, Aluminum extrusion should be carried out in accordance with the following process:

Preparation before extrusion

Check the fuel system → check the air pressure system → check the circuit and power supply facilities → check the water circulation system → check the number of aluminum rods and mold models

1. Carefully check whether the fuel system of each extrusion production line is supplied normally.

2.Carefully check whether the air pressure system is properly supplied and record the flow and pressure values.

3.Carefully check whether the lines and power supply facilities are normal and whether the voltage is within the stable range of 380V.

4.Carefully check whether the cooling circulating water system is open and whether the water pressure and flow rate are within the specified range.

5.Count the raw materials and check the quantity of aluminum rods carefully.

Extrusion work begins step

Aluminum bar tiling → heat 12 aluminum bars at a time → heat the mold to 480℃ for 1h→ heat the mold to 480℃→ put the mold into the mold base → send to the raw material mouth → extruder → traction → straightening → aging → heat the mold for 2h after 200℃ → cooling → complete

1. The prepared aluminum bar shall be paved on the material rack. A certain gap shall be reserved between the aluminum bars.

2.In strict accordance with the operation process, 12 aluminum rods are placed in the furnace and heated at room temperature. When the heating time reaches 3.5h, the temperature reaches 480℃, and then the normal production can be carried out after holding for 1h.

3.At the same time, the extrusion mold is heated in a furnace, so that the mold temperature also reaches 480℃.

4.After the heating and heat preservation work of the aluminum rod and mold are done, the mold is ready in the mold base of the extruder.

5.Put the cut aluminum rod into the raw material entrance of the extruder for extrusion.

6.Enter the extrusion stage, the extruded profile from the discharge hole, after traction machine, and then set the length and size of cutting, then send the aluminum profile to the straightening table for straightening, after straightening the aluminum profile can be transported to the finished product area for sizing cutting.

7.According to the requirements of the cut aluminum into the material frame, transported to the aging zone, aging into the aging furnace after aging treatment, when the aging temperature reaches 200℃, heat preservation 2h, and then wait for the oven.

After the aging is completed, it can be out of the oven, and enter the cooling stage, which can be cooled naturally or cooled by a cold fan. At this time, the extrusion work is finished, and the aluminum profile with qualified appearance quality and shape and size is extruded to this completion.