Gear pump shell and end cover commonly used materials are cast iron or aluminum alloy. Large displacement gear pump adopts cast iron shell, small and medium-sized displacement gear pump adopts aluminum alloy shell, batch products of large gear pump in the middle shell is made of extruded special-shaped pipe after cutting, compared with casting blank has the advantages of low cost and uniform material. The supporting surface of the inner gear pump ring can also be made directly in the aluminum housing. The front and rear end covers of small displacement pumps are also commonly used in die casting aluminum alloy billet manufacturing, but some manufacturers use nodular cast iron to manufacture the front and rear end covers, which have the characteristics of high strength and vibration reduction and noise absorption.

Aluminum alloy gear pump pump body is put aluminum in aluminum profile extrusion container and a certain pressure, make the issue from the specific die, so as to achieve the desired cross section shape and size of a processing method and the extrusion processing method of low cost, high efficiency and simple operating, in the modern industrial production system occupies a considerable proportion of, The aluminum profile becomes an important basic material in the national economy.

Commonly used aluminum alloy gear pump body alloy including

1024,2011, 6063,6061,6082,7075, compared with cast iron gear , the aluminum alloy hydraulic gear pump body appearance more beautiful, lighter, good for weight loss, better heat dissipation performance, can effectively put the heat into the air, and better maintain gear pump performance, And more corrosion resistance, help to prolong the service life.