Pure aluminum (aluminum content is not less than 99.00%) 1XXX

Aluminum alloy with copper as the main alloy element          2XXX

Aluminum alloy with manganese as the main alloy element 3XXX

Aluminum alloy with silicon as the main alloy element 4XXX

Aluminum alloy with magnesium as the main alloy element 5XXX

Aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as main alloying elements and Mg2Si phase as strengthening phase 6XXX

Aluminum alloy with zinc as the main alloying element 7XXX

Aluminum alloy with other alloying elements as the main alloying element 8XXX

Spare alloy group 9XXX

More common grades: 1060, 2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 7075.

1060:1060 is the ordinary industrial pure aluminum, aluminum content is not less than 99.60%, its characteristics are: low strength, work hardening is the only way to strengthen. Good thermal and cold working performance, high thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in industrial equipment with good formability, corrosion resistance and weldability, and can also be used as electric conductor material.

The composition and microstructure of 2024-2024 alloy are the same as that of 2A12 alloy, but the content limitation of impurity Fe and Si in 2124 alloy is lower. 2024 alloy sheet, thick plate, and profile have been successfully used in the manufacture of aircraft, rocket skin, cabin, integral tank wall, wing beams, etc.

The magnesium content of 5052:5052 alloy is 2.5%, which belongs to the lower magnesium content in aluminum-magnesium antirust aluminum. Widely used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel and fuel pipe and tank, various ship and transport parts, sheet metal products, instruments, street lamp support, rivets, and wire, etc.

6061:6061 alloy is Al-Mg-Si heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy, which can be machined into plates, tubes, bars, molds, wires, and forgings. Widely used in building profiles, large structural parts with good corrosion resistance, truck, ship, railway vehicle structural parts, conduits, household, and so on.

6063:6063 alloy is Al-Mg-Si heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy, which can be extruded into bars, profiles, and pipes. Widely used in building structural materials and decorative materials, such as door frame, window frame, siding, container, furniture, elevator, as well as aircraft, ships, light industry departments, buildings, and other decorative components of different colors.

7075:7075 alloy is al-Zn-Mg-Cu superhard aluminum, which is characterized by good plasticity after solution treatment and obvious heat treatment strengthening. Can be processed into the sheet (aluminum and no aluminum), pipes, profiles, bars, and forgings. Mainly used for aircraft structural parts and other high-strength corrosion-resistant structural parts.