On October 16, 2021 0 23 points, carrying the shenzhou manned spacecraft on the 13th of the long March 2 F rocket from 13, at the jiuquan satellite launch center in accordance with the scheduled time precision ignition, about 582 seconds later, the shenzhou manned spacecraft separated from the rocket successfully, the 13th into orbit, will smoothly zhai zhigang, ya-ping wang, Ye Guangfu 3 astronauts into space, The launch was a complete success.

The aluminum alloy materials needed for shenzhou 13 spacecraft and rocket cover forgings, plates, profiles, pipes and other categories. The spacecraft’s orbital module shell structure, skin, capsule wall metal shell, seat structure, light cistern metal stents, uplink load goods cabinet plate, valve shell with bar, purlin adopt aluminum alloy material, it has high strength, Gao Ren, corrosion resistance and superplastic characteristics of resistance in the process of the flight can bear huge pressure, temperature difference and the problem of gravity, It can effectively reduce the strength loss of materials and reduce the weight of aircraft.

Advances in aircraft and rocket technology are directly related to advances and production of aluminum alloys. From the Wright brothers’ use of aluminum in the engines of the first biplane to the high-precision aluminum alloy used in the Launch of the God 13, aluminum has created the potential for humans to leap across the earth and into space.

It is believed that in the future, The application and development of Aluminum alloy will continue to move towards the end of the industrial chain and the high end of the value chain, and more high-grade aluminum alloy materials will emerge in the fields of national defense, military industry and aerospace.