With the rapid development of economy, the continuous expansion of urban construction scale and the rapid improvement of people’s living standards, the quality requirements for domestic water are gradually improved. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose what kind of pipes to use in the reconstruction of urban water supply projects.


There are two requirements for the safety and reliability of the pipeline, one is not to interrupt the water supply, and the other is that the water quality of the pipeline network should be safe and reliable. From the point of view of water quality assurance, pipe material is a major factor affecting the water quality of pipe network. Therefore, when choosing pipes, we must fully grasp the characteristics and use environment of various pipes, and be economical and applicable on the premise of ensuring water quality. The correct selection of pipes is a process of economic and technical comparison. Technically, the safety, corrosion resistance, elongation, pressure, temperature, service environment, service life and installation and maintenance methods of pipes should be considered. All kinds of water supply pipes have their own corresponding characteristics in performance, installation and construction technology, etc. When selecting pipes, they should be compared and reasonably determined from both technical and economic aspects according to the characteristics of pipe laying and installation environment.


Aluminum alloy pipe is one of the ideal pipes for urban water supply projects, with bright and clean appearance, lightness and good rigidity. It has the characteristics of healthy and environmental protection, stable connection, high pressure bearing, strong external force resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, etc., and overcomes the shortcomings of other alloy pipes in urban water supply application.

The water supply pipe is a seamless aluminum alloy pipe, the outer layer is anodized, and the surface is of hard texture of frosted metal, with novel appearance and rich decorative effect, which can harmoniously meet the high-grade requirements of building walls.

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