Industrial aluminum alloy profile is a kind of material with various alloy components. Various alloy materials are made into aluminum rod materials with different chemical properties, physical properties and mechanical properties through different proportions, and then the aluminum rod is hot-melt extruded by machinery and equipment to form profiles or pipes with different cross-sections and different uses. Common grades and corresponding uses of industrial aluminum alloy profiles are as follows:

1. industrial aluminum alloy profiles of brands 6063, 6061 and 6082 are mostly used for refrigerators, containers, truck frames, ship structural parts, rail vehicle structural parts and other mechanical structural parts.

2. Brand 6063 industrial aluminum alloy profiles: they are mostly used in various automatic machinery industries, industrial profiles or pipes and bars, etc. Such as mechanical equipment rack, workshop aluminum fence, assembly line workbench, etc.

3. Brands 6036A, 6463A and 6060 aluminum alloys: they are mostly used in some building doors and windows, curtain walls and decoration materials. Such as aluminum profiles used in furniture, toilets, radiators and handrails of elevators.

4. Brand 6005 aluminum alloy profile: it is mostly used for ladder climbing, TV launcher, antenna, etc.

5. Brand 6106 aluminum material: it is mostly used in production industries with high corrosion resistance.

6. Brand 6005A aluminum: it is mostly used in some rail trains, such as light rail trains, double-deck trains, buses and other transportation industries. Most of them are used to make the exterior structure of vehicles, which requires higher strength and end structure.

7. Brand 6351-t6 aluminum alloy: it is mostly used for some road traffic facilities and some oil and gas pipelines.

8. Brand 6101 aluminum alloy: used for some conductive materials.

These are the common grades and uses of industrial aluminum alloy profiles. Zhengzhou Mining Research Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in the production and processing of aluminum alloy profiles of various materials, with more than 20 large, medium and small extrusion equipment and production lines, with exquisite processing technology and rich production experience. Our cooperative customer products include laptop mobile phone profiles, building formwork scaffolding, airport apron, aluminum alloy road and bridge, power communication profiles, high-speed rail profiles, livestock refrigerated trucks, vaporizers, motor housings, cylinders, gear pumps, assembly lines and aluminum pipes and tubes of various specifications.