Nowadays, aluminum and alloy materials are widely used in various fields due to their rich content and unique excellent properties. However, everything has its two sides, aluminum alloy material compared with other metal materials, although it can be extruded, after high-temperature extrusion, quenching sometimes can not reach the strength required by the application, so aluminum alloy material unique heat treatment process arises at the historic moment – aging.

Aging means that after the quenched material is kept at room temperature or higher temperature for a period of time, the unstable supersaturated solid solution will be decomposed, and the second phase particles will precipitate (or precipitate) out of the supersaturated solid solution and distribute around the α (Al) aluminum grains, thus producing a strengthening effect called precipitation (precipitation) strengthening.

In the industrial printer, photo machine (host, beam, panel) required aluminum profile as an example, such as we use the grade of 6063 aluminum alloy material, after high-temperature extrusion, quenching, using the special aging process to make 6063 material printer photo machine aluminum profile Brinell hardness up to more than 80HB, tensile strength up to 245MPa, It ensures the easy cutting performance and good surface finish of 6063 material, and greatly enhances the material performance, so as to greatly increase the stability of printer and photo machine, and the use effect and service life of the machine is also better than similar products.